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Lominack Kolman Smith Architects loves it when our clients are happy. Developing and maintaining positive relationships is our top priority. Please read some of our clients’ comments below.


"Lominack Kolman Smith Architects overlooked no detail during their design for the restoration and rehabilitation of the former A.S. Varn & Son Oyster and Crab Factory, now Pin Point Heritage Museum. Their sensitive approach to both the physical elements of the site, and to their relationship with the members of the Pin Point community, helped to ensure the preservation of the landmark heritage site for many future generations to experience. As operators of the museum, their work provided a firm foundation for us to open the museum in 2012, and they have been extremely helpful in the years since when we have had questions or requests for documentation from the period of construction."

Becki Harkness, Preservation Operations Officer, Coastal Heritage Society

Critical Workforce Facility & Shelter


“It has been a pleasure working with LKS Architects on the design of the City of Savannah’s Critical Workforce Shelter & Multi-Use Facility. The proposed facility will be a unique, one-of-a-kind building, and the multiple intended uses of the facility created many design challenges. The building will normally provide office space for a handful of city staff, but during an emergency event will need to provide housing for 500 people. The City wanted a flexible design, which will allow the facility to be used for multiple purposes, including training and meetings.


LKS Architects worked hard to understand the City’s needs and approached the project with tremendous enthusiasm, support and creativity. During the design process, LKS Architects actively engaged the City in the process. We appreciated the collaborative approach and being a part of the creative process, and are very pleased with the final design. We look forward to working with LKS Architects during the construction of the facility, and are excited to see our collective vision become a reality.”


Julie McLean, PE, Senior Civil Engineer, City of Savannah

Dunlevie House Restoration


“I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent design work provided for the restoration of the Dunlevie House by your firm. As Restoration Project Manager for the project, you have provided an invaluable service in helping to ensure that the house will be able to serve the community for many years to come. Through creative design options offered from your design team, the historic integrity of the building has remain intact and the interior of the house has been adapted to meet the demands of an assembly building with access for disabled patrons


.…Your firm also aided us in our contractor selection process. Through extensive negotiations, you were able to recommend the right contractor who was able to meet our restoration needs and budget. It is because of these services that the project is a success. It would be my pleasure to recommend your firm to any potential client. Thank you again for your excellent work.”


Joe Rothwell, Restoration Project Manager, Miller Pasture,

Georgia Land Trust, Inc.

Trinity Church Restoration
United Way Effingham


“I’m writing to express my appreciation for the excellent work rendered in my behalf of your firm over the past decade or so. As pastor of the historic Trinity United Methodist Church, you ably assisted us in the creative renovation and restoration of our facilities. I was impressed by your careful attention to detail and your ability to balance our needs with the rigid requirements of the Historic Review Board. Your transformation of an empty, 4th floor into a lovely 4800 square foot penthouse parsonage was a signal accomplishment, and the extensive restoration of the 150+ year old sanctuary which you supervised has returned the building to its original appearance and splendor.


Now, I find myself at yet another historic United Methodist Church, Epworth, at 2201 Bull Street in Savannah. I’m pleased that our church authorized you to begin the process of documenting the existing buildings, outlining the conditions which need attention, and making suggestions which will guide us in developing a five year plan ofrehabilitation and maintenance. I would recommend your firm to any potential client, and do so with enthusiasm and with no reservation whatsoever. Thank you again for your excellent work.”


Dr. Ralph Bailey, Retired Pastor, Epworth United Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church



“As we conclude the extensive renovation project of our United Way-Effingham Service Center, please allow me to express my sincere appreciation for your company’s expertise and guidance, which resulted in a beautifully well functional facility for which our organization is very proud of.


For me, embarking on this much-needed and long anticipated building renovation was thrilling. However, having to step from the social worker non-profit world to construction, which included plumbing to HVAC and everything in between, was terrifying! Without a doubt, you and Jennifer Deacon calmed my fears and patiently explained in layman’s terms every necessary step of the project from the beginning to the end—and I am so grateful!


As we now begin to enjoy our great facility and we continually hear our visitors’ wonderful compliments of the finished project, it is so obvious that you put much study and thought into our renovation plans. Being able to see the completed project in all of its splendor yet again confirms your architectural knowledge and my organization’s trust in your workmanship.


On behalf of United Way of the Coastal Empire, our Building Committee and all of the staff members in the Effingham Service Center we send a huge thank you! Please know that we all appreciate the major role that Lominack, Kolman, Smith Architects had in providing our community with a beautiful, safe, and efficient facility from which we can work to build a strong and healthier community.”


Bonnie Dixon, Effingham Area Director, United Way

301 W Broughton Street Rehabilitation


Our decision to engage LKS for this project was based both on numerous third party recommendations and because of their reputation for expertise in urban architecture and historic preservation matters.


LKS played a key role in bringing the 301 W. Broughton Street project to a very successful conclusion. They performed their tasks in the most competent and professional manner and served as a constant source of knowledge and information for the project management staff and the various sub-contractors engaged in the project.


As a result of this excellent performance by LKS, along with the careful and thorough construction effort, 301 W. Broughton Street has become once again one of the major landmark buildings on W. Broughton Street and when completed in 2002 set the tone for a major upgrade to the entire street leading over time to bringing in other major retailers to the area. The building is now fully occupied on all floors as retail, office and residential space, providing a concrete example of a “new urbanism” as well as adaptive reuse of historic buildings. LKS located its offices to a third floor suite in the building approximately 5 years ago. The building has also been recognized through various architectural awards for LKS and a Historic Preservation Award by the Historic Savannah Foundation.”


Bruce Jacobs, Partner, Broughton Street 301, LLC


Ellis Square


“It is my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for Lominack Kolman Smith Architects of Savannah. I have had the pleasure of working with this firm and its principals on a number of preservation and architectural projects during the past nine years. This group brings remarkable creativity to design projects and great sensitivity to historic buildings and districts.


Most recently, I have worked closely with the firm on the design for a new park at Ellis Square in Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District. Lominack Kolman Smith displayed a great deal of judgment and diplomacy in dealing with the complex urban issues which this project raised. In particular, the firm played a key role in seeking and considering public comment on this high profile project."


Mark C. McDonald, President & CEO Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation (Formerly of Historic Savannah Foundation)

Ellis Square Kiosk


“It is my pleasure to describe to you the work that LKS Architects has undertaken for the City of Savannah. First, it is important to understand the sensitivity of any kind of design work in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, both in meeting stringent guidelines and in engaging a highly motivated public and business community. LKS has excelled in this very challenging environment.


I have worked most closely with LKS as a member of the team contracted by the City to design Ellis Square – one of the original six squares in the Oglethorpe Plan that came back into the public realm in 2004. LKS, as the local member of the design team, was charged with developing plans for restoration of this square. It required sensitivity of Savannah’s past and an understanding of 21st century design that fosters activity in a public space. A major component of this challenging project was an unprecedented amount of public engagement and input. The LKS staff successfully developed an innovative design that was strongly endorsed by the City Council and a diverse citizenry.”


Christopher Morrill, City Manager, City of Roanoke, Virginia

(Former Savannah City Manager)


Fort Stewart


“As the former Design Branch Chief at Ft. Stewart, GA, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jerry Lominack and his staff on many new construction quality designs meeting the most stringent of budgets. I have dealt with many architects over the years, and LKS shines brightly above the rest. They are creative and they listen to their Clients. I have found them honest, open, and humble in their pursuit of excellent service. An example of their creativity can be found in our project to re-roof Barracks buildings at Ft. Stewart. As Mr. Lominack and I walked this flat roof looking at all the many mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems that would make this roof project a nightmare, Jerry immediately had in his mind an idea for a retrofit pitched metal roof system. Once designed, this roofing system became the prototype for all Barracks roofing on Ft. Stewart.


Additionally, LKS designed new buildings for me at Ft. Stewart. Due to severe budget constraints, we often had only pre-engineered metal building systems in which to construct office buildings. Jerry’s team was able to use innovative design techniques to make what could be a dull building really come to life. Mr. Lominack and his team brought great credit to themselves, Ft. Stewart, and the department of the Army. I would recommend Lominack Kolman Smith for any architectural design project.”


Douglas C. Saylor, R.A., CH, EP&S Branch, Ft. Benning, GA

(Formerly of Ft. Stewart)


Robert T Spencer House Rehabilitation


“Our company has twice engaged the services of Lominack Kolman Smith for restorations in a National Register district, with the intent of qualifying projects for preservation incentives. The structures involved in these restoration projects are also listed in the Georgia Register of Historic Places and are contributing structures in a Local Historic District.


All drawings, specifications, and narratives (including property history and neighborhood history) submitted to the State Historic Preservation Division by Lominack Kolman Smith regarding these projects were accepted and the properties qualified for preservation incentives. The local Preservation Board also approved all submissions.


Lominack Kolman Smith seems to enjoy a good working relationship with state preservationists. They have also demonstrated a good understanding of the intricacies of these rather tedious applications. All work has been completed in a timely manner, and project coordinators have always been available to answer questions and discuss options. Our financial responsibilities were made clear to us before each project was begun.”


Molly Thomas, Partner, Barnes & Thomas, Inc.

Daniel Flagg Villas


“I have had the pleasure of working with [Lominack Kolman Smith Architects] on three different occasions. The first was the construction of a residential facility for persons living with HIV/AIDS which now houses a nationally recognized program.


Several years later, we again partnered with the firm in the historic preservation of old railroad cottages (Daniel Flagg Villas.) When the $3.5 million project was completed, it more than met our need to again offer housing to persons with HIV/AIDS. It was recognized by everyone from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Magnolia Award, The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation presented its Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation, the Historic Savannah Foundation honored Union Missions with a Preservation Award. Obviously, we were very pleased.”


Rev. Michael Elliott, President & CEO, Union Mission

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