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Trinity United Methodist Church

Project Location:


225 West President Street

National Historic Landmark District

Savannah, GA




Trinity United Methodist Church


Type of Services:


Historic Restoration


Date Completed:






2005 Historic Savannah Foundation

This project involved the complete exterior restoration of Trinity United Methodist Church on Telfair Square. The building, erected in 1848, consists of brick covered by stucco with some sandstone elements. The stucco was in poor condition, having been recoated, patched, and repaired many times, often with incompatible stucco mixtures including Portland cement.


The stucco had cracked and failed in many places, particularly on the south façade, therefore the non-original stucco on the east, north, and south facades of the building was removed. The brickwork was re-pointed as necessary with mortar to match the original, and any severely deteriorated bricks were replaced with matching ones. The building was then re-stuccoed with a custom mix formulated to match the original. Additionally, the new stucco was scored in the same pattern and dimensions of the original stucco, an unknown but important aesthetic element that was discovered underneath the original stucco layers. Sandstone was patched and repaired as necessary with a custom-color, mineral-based patching compound specially formulated for sandstone.


The wood capitals on the two columns on the east façade were in poor condition, with pieces breaking off and falling to the ground. These missing pieces were hand-carved to match the originals and were installed on the columns. Both capitals were sealed to protect against further weathering and damage. Finally, the doors and windows were repainted, the roof was replaced, and new copper gutters and downspouts were installed.

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