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Lominack Kolman Smith Offices

Project Location:


301 West Broughton Street, Suite 301

National Historic Landmark District

Savannah, GA




Broughton Street 301, LLC


Type of Services:


Historic Preservation, Rehabilitation Architecture, Engineering, Inteior Design


Date Completed:






2004 Historic Savannah Foundation



Lominack Kolman Smith Architects completed the rehabiltiation design of the exterior and spaces within the interior of 301 W. Broughton Street, to include our offices.


An architectural firm faces particular challenges when designing its own office since this becomes not only its work space, but a product upon which clients and potential clients will judge the firm’s work. It is also a project in which the entire staff has a personal interest in the design process. In this case, the firm restored a historic building shell and then chose 2,700 square feet of unfinished space in which to design their new office. The goal was to design a space that re-enforced the firm’s team-approach to design and to show respect for the basic building materials often overlooked or covered over in the construction process. It was also very important to retain the openness of the 12-foot ceiling space and the natural light afforded by the many large windows. The budget was very tight; the budget was blown – but only slightly.


301 West Broughton Street was built by the St. Andrew’s Society of Savannah around 1850, and was named St. Andrew’s Hall. It was likely used for plays, concerts, and other types of spectator entertainment. The building underwent at least two major renovations prior to its most recent. The first likely occurred early in the 20th century when the lower portion was opened up and filled with a glass storefront, similar to the one now in place. The second renovation occurred in the 1950s when the building was “modernized” by covering the façade with a stucco skin and marble.


It was the early 20th century façade from which we drew our inspiration. Lominack Kolman Smith Architects was responsible for the façade restoration, as well as the space planning and design of 23,000 square feet of the interior. These spaces included our own office on the third floor and two residential lofts on the fourth.


301 West Broughton Street is a four story over basement structure and completely fills its 60’ x 90’ site. This is a mixed-use building in the truest sense. A restaurant occupies the ground floor and part of the second floor. The remainder of the second floor and the third floor are professional office spaces and the top floor has three owner-occupied residential units. The basement level houses the building’s support systems and provides storage for the occupants of the building.

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