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McIntosh County Historic Resources Survey

Project Location:


McIntosh County, GA




McIntosh County Board of Commissioners


Type of Services:

Fieldwork, Architectural Photography, Archival Research, Report Composition, Public Meetings

Date Completed:

Completed Phase Four in 2019



An important historic preservation planning tool, historic resources surveys (HRS) are integral components to the work of historic preservation commissions across the country. Recommended to be performed once every ten years, HRS reports provide commissions with the data needed to better understand what historic resources remain on the landscape within their communities and how best to preserve them. Historic resources surveyed include buildings, structures, objects, sites, and significant landscape features aged a minimum of 40 years of age as a way of documenting resources that may gain significance within the next ten years.


All of the phases of the McIntosh County Historic Resources Survey is part of a county-wide survey effort funded in part by the Historic Preservation Division (HPD) of the Department of Natural Resources and the County Historic Preservation Commission.  However, Part Three was completed funded by the County Historic Preservation Commission. 


Governing the survey were three cross-pollinating activities, archival research, field survey, and the recording of information. All survey entries are entered into the Georgia Natural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources Geographic Information System (GNAHRGIS) database to include updating entries for previously surveyed resources and entering new data regarding historic resources that had gained significance since the last survey was completed.

Noteworthy sites surveyed in McIntosh County include the combination tabby, brick, and board and batten St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, built by freedmen for the local African-American community, and the ca. 1815 Adam Strain Building, one of the only intact tabby buildings remaining in the state. As part of the survey report, recommendations have been provided at the end of each phase to assist the preservation commission in future planning efforts.

Phase One - Darien

Phase Two - The Ridge, Crescent, Eulonia, Meridian

Phase Three - Sapelo Island

Phase Four - areas north of Blackbeard Creek to include: Harris Neck, Shellman Bluff and Pine Harbor. Areas also include all of west of I-95 to include the remainer of  Crescent and Eulonia, Belleville, , South Newport, Jones, Townsend, Cox. This phase also included Blackbeard Island due to availability of accessibility. 

All of the Historic Resource Survey phase reports can be viewed online here.

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