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Cloverdale Community Center

Project Location:


1909 Cynthia Street,

Savannah, GA



Chatham County


Type of Services:


New Construction


Date Completed:









The Cloverdale Community Center provides a variety of functions depending on the time of day. Elderly residents of the area utilize the space during the day for activities, and the building is used for child-care in the afternoon. The building is also be available in the evening and weekends for community functions. This facility provides a much needed recreational and assembly space to an underserved population within Savannah. The program includes a multi-purpose space, a kitchen, computer room, storage, and offices.


Located near Butler Elementary School, this project necessitated strong collaboration between Chatham County, the City of Savannah, and the Chatham County Board of Education. This made for a strong end result that meets the needs of the surrounding community.


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