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Tybee Island Design Guidelines

Project Location:

South End Overlay District

Tybee Island, GA


City of Tybee Island


Type of Services:


Preservation Planning






A growing beach town, Tybee Island has seen unprecedented growth in the hospitality, vacation rental, and retail and commercial industries in recent years. With the expansion of these realms, the island’s built environment is ever changing and adapting. In an effort to curb demolitions and protect the island’s historic resources and their associated contexts at the south end, the City of Tybee has initiated a hotel moratorium in the South End Overlay zoning district and begun the process of exploring the creation of design guidelines.

The South End Overlay zoning district is made up of hospitality, residential, multi-family, retail, and restaurant structures. Additionally, it is home to a handful of historic resources in need of protection.

Together, Lominack Kolman Smith Architects and Sarah Ward, principal of Ward Architecture + Preservation, are working to create design guidelines for the South End overlay. Coordinating with the City’s Main Street Development Authority and the Tybee Island Historic Preservation Commission, the guidelines will directly respond to the values and needs of the community.

Tybee Island’s local historic preservation ordinance dates to 1999 and the City of Tybee Island became a Certified Local Government in 2014.

An on-going project, next steps include the identification of character defining features of the district and the development of guidelines rooted in on-the-ground fieldwork and committee and stakeholder input. Following, the project team will present their findings before the Tybee Island City Council for adoption.

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