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Saint Catherine’s Island Tabby Horse Barn

Project Location:


St. Catherine's Island, GA




St. Catherine’s Island Foundation


Type of Services:


Historic Preservation, Consulting Services, Architecture


Date Completed:



The St. Catherine’s Island Foundation contacted Lominack Kolman Smith Architects to prepare a preservation and utilization plan for a horse barn on the island. The structure is believed to have been built around 1810. A mixture of sand, shells, lime, and water (”tabby”) comprises the walls, and wood beams support the roof.


Our firm began by conducting an historic structure assessment, which determines and records the condition of every building element. We then prepared a report that determined the corrections necessary to stabilize and utilize the existing structure. Stabilization will likely be accomplished by either repairing or replicating structural elements, and replacing missing ones. Some minor roof repair will also take place.


Once the building is stabilized, Lominack Kolman Smith will help the Foundationidentify options for the building’s use. Because of the desire to maintain the barn’s historic, but fragile, tabby façade, there will be many challenges associated with any modern upgrades, such as air conditioning. Other options may also include restoring the barn to its original condition to maintain as an architectural artifact.

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