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Private Residence

Project Location:


Washington Square

National Historic Landmark District

Savannah, GA



Type of Services:


New Construction, Historic District Board of Review


Date Completed:






2015 Historic Savannah Foundation





The residence at 533 E. Congress Street represents a compatible, yet modern, addition to Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District. Completed in 2014, the design received unanimous approval from the Historic District Board of Review upon submission. Formerly a vacant tithing lot, the house is visually compatible in height, mass, scale, and materials with buildings in its immediate context, providing harmony to Congress Street and Washington Square, where it is located.


Like many modern designs new to Savannah, the project was in the spotlight throughout the design process, however, has largely been celebrated since its completion. This highlights an important design philosophy that has been an LKSA trademark—a modern aesthetic in dialogue with traditional building forms. Too often, new buildings in Savannah are a combination of elements from nearby buildings designed to “blend in.” While 533 E. Congress Street sits in harmony and rhythm with the surrounding streetscape, it does not go unnoticed. Rather, it serves as an anchor, as it should, to the corner of Congress and Houston Streets and to Washington Square.


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