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President Theater

Project Location:


111 Broad Street

Manchester, GA 






Type of Services:


Historic Preservation, Rehabilitation, Architecture


Date Completed:





The President Theatre was built in 1936 by the Martin Theatre chain from Columbus, Georgia. When it was completed during the Great Depression, it boasted air-conditioning and upholstered seating. The state-of-the-art theater was a place for the community to come together, and the goal is to make it so again.


The project involves the rehabilitation of this 5,000 square foot historic theater. To date, LKS has completed as-built documentation, some construction documents, and renderings for fundraising. Thanks to a grant from the Georgia Department of Tourism, The Manchester Development Authority, and The Manchester Arts Council, the Art Deco spire and marquee were restored in April 2010. Thus far, interior work has been limited to structural stabilization, the lobby roof has been reinforced, and the main concrete floor of the theater has been stabilized.


Work still to be included includes the installation of all systems, such as mechanical and electrical. The Owner plans to have the theater open by September 23, 2010 - the same day the theater opened in 1936.


When the theater is complete, it will host a variety of arts events such as concerts, ballets, diner theater productions, and movies. Additionally, the theater will be able to be rented to the community for non-arts events such as meetings and baby or wedding showers.




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