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North Beach Bar and Grill

Project Location:

33 Van Horne Avenue

Tybee Island, GA




Kathryn Williams and George Spriggs



Type of Services:

Architecture, Engineering, Kitchen Design



Date Completed:





North Beach Bar and Grill is a mainstay on Tybee Island that was missing for over a year until the owners called Lominack Kolman Smith Architects in early spring 2010 to help revive this summertime landmark.


The main objective of this rehabilitation project was to enlarge the commercial kitchen and replace an existing flat roof that was in disrepair and leaking. We enlarged the kitchen by removing an under-utilized covered deck on the rear of the building and adding an enclosed kitchen space within the same footprint as the existing deck.


Because the existing roof is low, the commercial kitchen addition was raised up to create a shed roof above the existing roof. The 520 square foot addition more than doubled the size of the existing kitchen, which allowed the owners to add much needed equipment. Some of the new equipment consists of: a walk-in cooler, fryers, and ovens. We also added a large amount of dry storage that was previously lacking.

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