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National Historic Landmark District Assessment

sub-consultant to New South Associates

Project Location:


National Historic Landmark District

Savannah, GA




National Park Service,

Southeast Regional Office


Type of Services:


Fieldwork, Architectural Photography, Archival Research, Report Composition, Public Meetings

Date Completed:







The National Park Service (NPS) commissioned this study to assess the integrity and
condition of the Savannah National Historic Landmark District. Designated by the Secretary of the
Interior in 1966, the Savannah National Historic Landmark District is one of America’s oldest and
most prominent National Historic Landmarks. The National Park Service monitors the condition of
National Historic Landmarks to ensure that they continue to possess the historic qualities for which they were designated. In the case of the Savannah District, those qualities include the Savannah Town Plan (or Oglethorpe Plan) and the impressive collection of architecturally significant buildings built upon the plan.

The study, prepared by New South Associates and Lominack Kolman Smith Architects, documents, in narrative and graphic formats, major changes that have occurred within and adjacent to the district since its designation in 1966.

The effort involved research, a reconnaissance survey, photographic documentation, Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) analysis and mapping, on current and future threats to the Savannah
National Historic Landmark District.

This study shows that while still capable of conveying its nationally significant importance, the
Savannah National Historic Landmark District has suffered from loss of integrity and faces future
preservation challenges. The National Park Service has developed condition categories
(satisfactory, watch, threatened, and emergency) to measure the health of National Historic
Landmarks. The report recommends that the district be considered “threatened” due to previous
loss of integrity and proposed incompatible development. NPS staff will consider the
recommendations of the report along with public input before making any changes to the
condition category.

The full report is available online, by visiting the NPS Data Store.

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