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Hyatt Regency Hotel Upgrades

Project Location:


2 W Bay Street

Savannah, GA




Remington Hotels Inc.


Type of Services:


Historic District Board of Review, Architecture, Construction Administration


Date Completed:





With the transformation of the Hyatt brand to become the Hyatt Regency hotel chain, Remington Hotels reached out to us regarding updates to Savannah's Hyatt Hotel at the center of Bay Street. Built in 1980, the hotel was in need of new finishes. As part of this, Lominack Kolman Smith facilitated the Historic Board of Review application process for the display of new signage on the building, which necessitated a Zoning Board of Appeals review due to the size of the building in relation to the proposed sign. With the variance in hand, Lominack Kolman Smith then worked with Sarfatty Associates architects on plans to remodel the building's eastern terrace off the building's primary level along Bay Street. The terrace remodel removed a permanent awning, replaced with a pergola with retractable cover as well as removed a storefront glass wall, replaced by a central bar with accordion glass windows for open-air serving.


Concerned for its slipperiness during a rainstorm, a continuous ramp at the building's entrance was replaced with two groups of stairs and landings. Further, new finishes on the walls and ceiling were installed as well as two large fans. The entrance's existing handicap ramp was maintained and re-tiled. During construction, an original factor's walk vault was discovered below the entrance floor just before the entrance bridges the walk below. This discovery triggered a design adjustment, incorporating two planter bases on either side of the entrance.


On the hotel's fourth floor, an underutilized deck was addressed. Incorporating an elevated wood patio with seating and festoon lights, the space was transformed for greater comfort and use, capitalizing on views of the Savannah River beyond.

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