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Hugo Boss

Most recently, LKSA completed an office expansion redesign for this on-going, long-term client. Previous projects include a multi-faceted design which combined the corporation’s quality-of-life plan, growth plan and corporate restructuring into a phased project at their current 125,000 square foot distribution facility.


Phase 1 included the renovation and redesign of the distribution centers, luncheon, and break centers to accommodate the doubling of the workforce, higher comfort demands, and recycling facilities.


Phase 2 included the Hugo Boss pavilion project. The program called for an outdoor space which could provide shaded daily dining, occasional outdoor conferencing and act as the centerpiece for the annual corporate picnic. The facility is wired into the two 125,000 square foot distribution facilities and can serve as an outdoor conference room with full audio visual support.


Phase 3 was comprised of a space and adjacency survey which was followed by the subsequent redesign and addition to the corporate offices in the original distribution facility.


Phase 4 was conducted in the new warehouse facility where LKSA designed and structured the layout of the offices and conference facilities. The design also allowed for an easy transition to robotic warehousing and the implementation and operations of it.

Project Location:


207 Elan Court

Midway, GA




Hugo Boss


Type of Services:


Architecture, Interior Design


Date Completed:




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