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Frogtown Lofts

Project Location:


545-555 Berrien Street

Savannah Local Historic District

Savannah, GA




WECCO of Charleston, LLC


Type of Services:


Historic District Infill, New Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Historic District Board of Review


Date Completed:






2010 AIA Georgia Merit Award


2008 Historic Savannah Foundation


2009 AIA Savannah Excellence Award

The project was new construction within Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District. The building program was developed with the area’s growing young professional and college community in mind. One of its major goals was to provide thoughtfully designed, below market cost housing within the popular downtown area. The development was constructed using a structural insulated concrete panel system manufactured by the Owner/Developer, and it met LEED-NC Requirements.


The exterior walls of the structures are constructed using precast structural concrete panels with a layer of rigid insulation sandwiched between two layers of high-density concrete. This provides a high level of insulation for the entire building envelope. The casting process provides a smooth interior finish ready for paint, sealer, or stain, while the exterior surface is lightly textured but clearly retains its identity as concrete. The panels were cast in Savannah, just a few miles from the construction site. The energy-efficient aluminum storefront windows maintain a high level of insulation while allowing daylight to flood the interior spaces and give extensive views of Savannah’s Landmark District from inside the building.


The floor and roof assemblies incorporate the use of precast hollow core concrete. The green roof and its underlying membrane and insulation system provide an R-value of 30. Inside, the floor assembly employs the same system with a concrete leveling topping. The interior and exterior use of concrete as a finished surface eliminates the need for additional finishes, reducing material and cost for the entire project. High-efficiency heat pumps provide the heating and cooling. Pervious surfaces and drought-resistant plant materials are used throughout the landscaped and parking areas.

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