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Chatham County Department of Family and Children Services

Project Location:


761 Wheaton Street

Savannah, GA




Department of Family and Children Services


Type of Services:


Programming, Space Planning Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design


Date Completed:



This 110,000-square-foot, 5-story building houses the offices of the Chatham County Department of Family and Children Services. The building is located just east of Savannah’s Historic Landmark District and was carried out in association with Jova Daniels Busby Inc., Architects of Atlanta.


Services provided by the design team include programming, space planning, architecture, engineering, and interior design. The steel-frame building is clad in brick, cast stone, and split-face concrete masonry units. In addition, the building’s structure and envelope were subject to the coastal-area impact requirements.


The interior was designed to make DFCS’ clients feel welcome by introducing up-lifting colors, interesting patterns and floor color coding at the various floor levels, while maintaining security for the staff.

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