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Chef Darin's Cooking School

Project Location:

2514 Abercorn Street, Suite 140

Thomas Square Historic District

Savannah, GA


Chef Darin's Cooking School


Type of Services:



Construction Administration

Date Completed:







Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table is a concept developed by Savannah Chef Darin Sehnert. The objective of the cooking school is to provide a location for the public to learn the art of food preparation with a hands-on approach by a professionally trained chef. LKS collaborated with Chef Darin to design a variety of food-based learning environments. The program for the space includes a retail space for the sale of kitchenware, a demonstration kitchen for viewing preparation techniques, and a full service teaching kitchen with multiple cooking surfaces for student participation. Not only does the space allow for interaction between the chef and his students face-to-face, it also utilizes advanced audio-video equipment as an instructional tool and provides space for filming and television to eventually reach larger audiences.


As former consultants to the existing building, our office proved readily knowledgeable of this 4,000 square foot interior build-out in this mixed use building at 2514 Abercorn Street.


The Cooking School opened its doors in 2015 and provides a unique experience in Savannah’s growing culinary community. For more information on cooking classes visit Chef Darin's website.

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